Directed by David Koepp. Ghost Town (2008) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The town gained momentum after the Choctaw Railroad opened a line in 1901. Bodie, California: Bodie is the place which is located in California, which has a large quantity of … The following is a list of ghost towns, listed by continent, then by country. Ghost Town Name Generator Of all the places on this list, Yellow Dog Village might be the most like what you … Languages tend to be named after the country it's spoken in or originated from. Some sites no longer have any trace of buildings or civilization, and have reverted to empty land. Diamonds were mined there … Realistically speaking, a ghost town was usually a regular town at one point, so their name would've likely been a regular town name as well. We respect the ghosts of a time gone by and love coming across a town on a country drive that’s remained hidden just waiting to be discovered once again. Within one month, Ingersoll’s population boomed to more than 1,500 people, and it was officially incorporated the next year. Virginia City, Mont. The Ghost Town Trail needs only 5.5 miles to complete the first continuous loop of rail trail in the Eastern United States. Ruins of a ghost town named Rhyolite Nevada. If you are a property developer and have a town to name, you can name it with the features of the land in mind, for example, if the town has two rivers meeting at it, you could call it Two Rivers or something similar. Most of them were closed down during the Great Depression, when whaling became unprofitable, and are now abandoned. These settlements include: Many Belarusian villages were abandoned as a result of the Chernobyl Disaster in 1986. There are as many as 2670 names generated for the topic Gloomford Name Generator in our database. Gold mining town 1907-1920. This description generator will generate a fairly random description of an abandoned town. Most lie inside the Polesie State Radioecological Reserve, Including: Many villages in the Netherlands were lost to the sea, see List of settlements lost to floods in the Netherlands for the complete list. As you can see there's a lot to explore, but if you're looking for names you're at the right place. The small village of Caraíbas, in the municipality of, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 00:13. Total Likes of Burnmere: Total Un Likes of Burnmere: Names-Generators.Com is a free to use website for generating names like Ghost Town generator for use in the interest of public. This is an incomplete list of ghost towns in the United States. With literally thousands of abandoned mines and surrounding communities throughout Arizona, there are plenty of lesser-known ghost towns to check out. Since then, Bodie has become known as one of the nation’s most well preserved The term “ghost town” has an ominous tone, but most of the ghost towns in the United States used to be mining towns that boomed quickly then died out when the mines dried up and the townspeople left in search of better luck elsewhere.The dilapidated buildings and ruins of these towns serve as a living history of wild west living in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In the northeast of Sudan lies the old city of, Al-Ula, or al-Deera as it is locally called, is now all but a ghost town. Abandoned towns with old weathered and dilapidated buildings that nature is overtaking are often referred to as ghost towns. Агдам – жертва мести, памятник глупости", "Отчет о велосипедном походе по Армении и Нагорному Карабаху 2007", "Thames Town: The Fake English City in China Where Newlywed Couples Go For Staged Photo Opps", Changes in the names and number of settlements in Bulgaria in 2008, "Wartime Ghosts Stalk Forgotten Bosnian Village", "The Soviet Ghost Town in the Czech Republic", "Viivikonna viimased asukad: Aga kuhu meil minna? Also See: The American West. Unlocking the Past by Madeline DeJournett and Elfreda Cox (May 2007) ghost towns in Stoddard County, Missouri. Ghost towns are primarily associated with the Wild West frontier and people flocking to areas with valuable mineral resources, including gold and silver in the Rockies and oil in Texas. In 1863, Bill Fairweather and Henry Edgar chanced upon the largest gold strike in … Kennecott, Alaska. Meaning of Reaperburgh: Category: Ghost Town names. Copper lured … The town is gone now And the treasure of my life is spent Upon the night winds and the weeds, And on eternity. Many of the ghost towns around these parts have little left to photograph: a brick foundation, an old fireplace and some stray beams. Bertram Pincus is a man whose people skills leave much to be desired. Dodge City, Kansas This famous wild western town located in Kansas got its start in 1847 when Fort Mann was built to protect people on the Santa Fe Trail. This is an incomplete List of ghost towns in Florida sortable by name, county, or coordinates. • Codrington was a town on the island of Barbuda, it has since been abandoned following Hurricane Irma. Here are three more places in Michigan whose names are the same as Christmas terms - “Angel”, “Star”, and “Wise” (as in the Three Wise Men) - even though these towns are not necessarily Christmas-y. “The town too tough to die” is un-arguably the most famous ghost town of the American Wild West thanks to the Earp and Clanton conflict that led to the “Gunfight at the O.K. This desolate former mining town in Montana is so riddled with paranormal activity it was featured in an episode of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. The United States is known as "the land of the free." ", "Walk of the Week: Warren Point Loop, Co Roscommon", Visit Achill – Deserted Village at Slievemore, Achill, Co Mayo, Ireland, "Filming locations for The Passion of the Christ", "Filming locations for Quantum of Solace", "Localitatile "fantoma" din Romania: 1% din localitatile din tara noastra nu mai exista in realitate", "City's main artery a desolate wasteland", "Strange Argentina ghost town that was underwater for 25 years suddenly re-emerges as tourist attraction", "Itacarambi (MG) ainda sofre conseqüências de terremoto de dezembro", "Guizanbourg: Un village au confluent des temps", – Colorado ghost town and historic pictures,, Articles with Russian-language sources (ru), Articles with Turkish-language sources (tr), Articles with Estonian-language sources (et), Articles needing additional references from November 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles lacking reliable references from January 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2011, Articles containing Spanish-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. When Pincus dies unexpectedly, but is miraculously revived after seven minutes, he wakes up to discover that he now has the annoying ability to see ghosts. Bertram Pincus is a man whose people skills leave much to be desired. Best Arizona ghost town near Phoenix: Tip Top. The town is named after World War I soldier Albert Ernest Lock. When diamonds were discovered in 1908, German miners flocked to the area, and several new settlements were established, only to be abandoned once the supply of diamonds dried up. Aptly named, Goldfield was swarming with miners hopeful for gold in the late 1800s, but was dried up by 1898. The ghost towns that were left behind include: The islands of Antarctica, particularly South Georgia, were popular with whalers during the first half of the 20th century, and many of the settlements on these islands are former whaling stations. With Ricky Gervais, Greg Kinnear, Téa Leoni, Jordan Carlos. All that glitters may not be gold, but it can still make you a fortune. Bieszczady National Park is home to several abandoned settlements: 126 localities in Romania are "fictitious". Many towns have turned into ghost towns because they ran out of coal to mine, but in Kolmanskop’s case, it was diamonds. A Maine almost-ghost-town that suffered a much more recent demise than most, the Evergreen Ski Resort was a popular getaway destination as late as the 1970s. Reaperburgh is a Ghost Town name Reaperburgh is a name generated from user inputs and listed under Ghost Town Name Generator. Those that weren't set up as mining camps were usually established as locations for mills, or … Only two ruined buildings and the remains of a battery remain. Nestled in the Black Mountains near California’s Mojave desert is a ghost town ruled by wild burros. One rumor is that she left her toddler at home on the day of the 1927 avalanches and the boy was killed. The area was inhabited and renamed Youngsberg in 1921, but was abandoned once again in 1926. The population dwindled until the 1940s, when the last residents finally shipped out. The Jefferson Territory never received federal sanction, but on February 28, 1861, U.S. President James Buchanan signed an act organizing the Territory of Colorado. Open pit coal mining in several areas of Germany creates ghost towns in preparation for the coal mining. By 1909, a post office was established and the town swelled to a population of 750. … Ghost Town (2008) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Kolmanskop, Namibia Located among the sand dunes of the Namib Desert, Kolmanskop was built to house workers at a nearby diamond mine. Swan Island is the main feature of Perkins Township, a ghost town in the Kennebec River that's only accessible by kayak, canoe, or a five-minute ferry ride. Ocker photo) I like my ghost towns with spooky names, but sometimes ironic ones are just as good. It consists of a walled village of about 800 dwellings around the perimeter of the more ancient castle with narrow winding alleys, many of which are covered to shield the people from the heat of the sun. 13d. Elmo, Colo. Ghost towns have a particular allure for me, but this time I found Bodie, California, plagued by the ghosts it has overlooked. Follow. When Pincus dies unexpectedly, but is miraculously revived after seven minutes, he wakes up to discover that he now has the annoying ability to see ghosts. Here are 10 of our favorite ghost towns that have been well preserved (considering Arizona’s harsh climate)… and are actually worth visiting. Wisconsin has a long and fascinating history stretching back to a time well before history was recorded. Ghost Town Name Generator Other sites are unpopulated but still have standing buildings. – kaufen Sie dieses Foto und finden Sie ähnliche Bilder auf Adobe Stock A glimpse of the ghost town of Livermore. Across the 50 states, more than anywhere else in the world, cities and townships have some of the strangest names you'll find. Founded in 1880 during gold and silver booms, the town had hotels, saloons, a post office, and a railway station during its heyday. Windamere dam now exists where the town once stood, but ruins can be seen in times of drought when the dam dries up. Just a year later, the first railroad arrived from Bouse, connecting Swansea to the rest of the world. Many of the ghost towns in Oregon were once mining or lumber camps that were abandoned after their respective industries became unprosperous. In The Name of The Ghost Town is a short story about a party of five who fall into a perilous journey through the abandoned Landsburg. Hey there and welcome to my site. Oatman. St. Vrain County encompassed much of what is today Weld County. Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of under-occupied developments in China, United Nations Security Council Resolution 550, List of settlements lost to floods in the Netherlands, List of ghost towns in Newfoundland and Labrador, List of ghost towns in the Northwest Territories, Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works, "Aumento do calor em Angola faz sertão começar a virar mar", "Fishing Spots and Beaches in Angola South", "Birds and conservation significance of the Namib Desert's least known coastal wetlands: Baia and Ilha dos Tigres, Angola", "Central African Republic: Where have all the people gone? There are as many as 2670 names generated for the topic Burnmere Name Generator in our database. Abandoned towns with old weathered and dilapidated buildings that nature is overtaking are often referred to as ghost towns. And while ghost towns have captivated people for years, they're becoming even more popular with time. It is now a historical site. Some vanished entirely or were absorbed into newer settlements, but many of these towns still stand, at least in part, allowing us glimpses of what these now-abandoned places once were. [39] Some of the localities that did not have any inhabitants at the 2011 census are: After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986, hundreds of settlements within the exclusion zone were evacuated. best source of information on ghost towns in the American West. Ghost towns: once thriving communities that have dwindled over the decades. The … At one time or another, ghost towns usually experienced a spike in activity until the town met its decline due to a change in its economy. From 1884 to 1915, Namibia was under the rule of the German Empire, and was known as German South-West Africa. ", "Museum preserving Millwood gold rush history", "Ghost town in Limpopo: Historical Leydsdorp", "South Sudan 'sends more troops' to strife-torn town Pibor", "Города-призраки. Forts & Presidios. 45 metres above historic al-Ula, the town's Castle commands strategic views over the entire valley. White Pine Most ghost towns in Nevada in the United States of America are former mining boomtowns that were abandoned when the mines closed. Some aspects of the descriptions will remain the same, this is done to keep the general structure the same, while still randomizing the details, but it'll never include the exact details of why the town might be abandoned. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Cudgegong was a small town in central western New South Wales. Yellow Dog Village. Language name generator ., Lists of ghost towns in the United States, Articles needing additional references from December 2013, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2012, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, (Note: Hamburg, Howell, and Toonerville were all located in St. Charles County, Missouri. With a name tailor-made for a creepy abandoned place, buried in Oconee National Forest near the Tennessee border is the remnants of a ghost town that … Und immer mit dem Anspruch Räder zu bauen, die Spaß machen und besser als alle Anderen sind. Home; Random; Nearby; Log in; Settings; Donate; About Wikipedia; Disclaimers; This is an incomplete list of ghost towns in California sortable by town or county. One of the key goals of this urbanization project is to redistribute economic opportunities that have drawn millions of rural inhabitants into coastal cities, but observ… Oatman was founded in 1908. The town is now owned by the county and is operated as a county park. Most of the foundations of the buildings are stone, but the upper floors are made from mud bricks, while palm leaves and wood are used for the ceilings. Ghost Bikes: Seit über 20 Jahren bauen wir bei GHOST Fahrräder. But many abandoned towns will get a new name or a nickname, and those are covered in this generator. Ghost town description generator. Below is a list of five abandoned towns that are rich in history and offer a lot for the curious explorer. ANGEL. Most ghost towns in Arizona are former mining boomtowns that were abandoned when the mines closed. Corral”. No one is quite sure when the woman died, or how. Total Likes of Reaperburgh: Total Un Likes of Reaperburgh: Names-Generators.Com is a free to use website for generating names like Ghost Town generator for use in the interest of public. During its height, its mines produced over 1.8 million ounces of gold. And if you listen, you can hear the names of fabled mines whispered on the wind: Bridal Chamber, Confidence, Little Hell, Calamity Jane, Hardscrabble, Mystic Lode, … Towns are evacuated several years in advance and turned into ghost towns. The names have been loosely based on both fictional and real languages. Lost Landmarks & Vanished Sites Although many of these houses were probably rebuilt over time, their foundation is likely to be from the original construction of the town in the 13th century AD. Like the ghost town of Livermore, New Hampshire. 99.1 WFMK. Summertime visitors can rent fishing and ATV equipment at the General Store. Like many of Oklahoma’s ghost towns, Ingersoll began when Native American reservation land was opened to public settlement. Kansas Ghost Town List Overland Emigrant and Freight Train, Operated by Sprague & Digan in Kansas, April 1, 1866, en route to the Far West. Livermore was established in 1876 in the White Mountains to support a logging industry. Black Hills Believables: Strange-but-true Tales of the Old West. Allegedly named after a popular 19th-century novel, St. Elmo is one of Colorado’s best-preserved ghost towns. Category: Ghost Town names. The site is now. Named after the Welsh hometown of founder George Mitchell, Swansea's serious mining operations began in the mid-1880s. Total Likes of Vintown: Total Un Likes of Vintown: Names-Generators.Com is a free to use website for generating names like Ghost Town generator for use in the interest of public. Some of these villages are listed below; most of them are located within the Stanford Battle Area in Norfolk. Directed by Richard McCarthy, Mac Ahlberg. There are as many as 2670 names generated for the topic Vintown Name Generator in our database. Just three miles from Barstow, you'll find the little ghost town of Calico, dubbed "California's Silver Rush Gold Town." Nenthorn was an Otago gold mining town from 1888 until the 1890s, abandoned when its mining efforts collapsed. Further reading. The state and its people have gone through cycle after cycle of changes, and at times those changes have meant leaving behind a little piece of the past. [39] They either have no inhabitants according to the last census, or they are actually in the bottom of an accumulation lake or have completely disappeared from the face of the earth. Ghost Town Trail was designated as a National Recreation Trail in June 2003 and was ranked seventh on the “Best Hiking Trails in the United States” list by American Towns Media in 2016. First up is the town of Angel, located in Grand Traverse County. It is sometimes referred to as the Castle of, The city of Old Ayutthaya was the capital of the country from its foundation in 1350 until it was sacked and destroyed by the Burmese in 1767. There are as many as 2670 names … It is believed to be the only town in Australia named after a fallen voluntary soldier. Venture, a small beech bark processing settlement in the Awaroa Inlet of the. Latuda is a true “ghost” town -- it’s reportedly haunted by a ghost called The White Lady of Latuda. Founded in 1862 when John White discovered gold on Grasshopper Creek, Bannack was a typical gold rush town in the Wild West. Tombstone, founded in 1879, had a population of 100, grew to 14,000 (and 110 saloons) in less than seven years, then dwindled down to 600. There are over 1300 name generators, as well as many description generators, guides and various tools you might find helpful. "List of ghost towns in the United States", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Former counties, cities, and towns of Virginia, List of flooded towns in the United States, Summary of the Pu`u `Ō `ō-Kupaianaha Eruption, 1983-present, "The Kendall Lumber Co. of Garrett County, Md".
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